Getting Here

  • The nearest airport town to Tanjung Puting is Pangkalan Bun (PKN) Named “iskandar Airport”
  • You can fly to Pangkalan Bun from 3 major cities in Java in terms of Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya.
  • Currently, there are only 4 airlines that serve route to Pangkalan Bun,  Trigana, Wings (Lion Air Group), and NAM (Sriwijaya Group), Transnusa Air.
  • Flights to/from Pangkalan Bun are quite limited, too. Please visit the official website of each airline to check the timetable or just contact us for domestic Airline.

Food and Beverage

  • All meals on board are served fresh and hygiene.
  • Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.
  • The local government has BANNED any alcoholic beverages trade since few years ago due to so many accidents and problems with alcohol.

Internet and Cellular Phone

  • There is NO internet and cellular phone network in most area of the National Park.
  • This would be a great time to have a digital detox for your mind and soul.


  • Tanjung Puting National Park is located very near to the equator line. Because of this, the weather is hot during the day (28-33 Celcius) and mild at night (22-26 Celcius).
  • Humidity ranges between 70% and 90%. You might get sweat easily.

Money Issues

  • Money changer IS NOT available in this region, although you can withdraw cash with your credit cards (VISA, Mastercard) from local ATMs.
  • You are strongly recommended to bring sufficient IDR bank notes before flying in to Pangkalan Bun.

If you need any further information about Tanjung Puting National Park or your trip, please feel free to contact us.

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