Campaign #SaveOurTourism

Dear Our Valued Customer,

By the condition because of Corona Virus, one of the sector that hit really hard is tourism sector.

We are from Sister Tour, one of the tour operator that organizing the trip in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central of Borneo the World Capital Orangutan, we about to show our campaign for you all travellers.

We offer you the special price to visit Tanjung Puting National Park in the end of this year until May 2021 with the super special price. The condition is, you pay for the trip now and you will visit next. It also showing your empathy and willingness to help the people who working in eco tourism industry here in Borneo through this corona virus pandemic.

Remember, three important components in ecotourism :
⁃ Environment
⁃ Economic
⁃ Social

Buying our package now, you also contribute in social sectors for helping the local workers. And you also get memorable experiences in Borneo after. The price that we offer to you :


  • 2 Pax : 220 USD/Pax
  • 3 Pax : 210 USD/Pax
  • 4 Pax : 200 USD/Pax
  • 5 Pax & Up : 185 USD/Pax


  • 2 Pax : 290 USD/Pax
  • 3 Pax : 280 USD/Pax
  • 4 Pax : 270 USD/Pax
  • 5 pax & Up : 250/Pax

for more information and booking inquiries please contact us below with #SaveOurTourism message,

Happy to hear from you soon!