About Sister Tour

Sister Tour was founded in 2015 by us: Rini and Nina. We have been working as local female tour guide in Tanjung Puting National Park since 2010. We used to work for other agencies. Then, we’ve had a serious talk in early 2015 to set up our own small company. We’re so lucky to be living in Indonesia where it’s pretty easy to start up a company. In November 2015, Sister Tour was born.

Nina and Rini
Nina (left) and Rini (right), the founders of Sister Tour.

We picked the name of Sister Tour because we would like to be good sisters in organising your tour to Tanjung Puting National Park, the homeland of orangutans in Borneo. We would like to be good sisters for our community and neighbourhood, too. That’s why we allocate 5% of our profit to support various community programs, particularly that support children and women empowerment.

To help you deciding a trip with us, please have a look  at reviews from our previous guests on Trip Advisor.