Sister Tour was established in 2015. It’s pretty new – indeed!

We decided to set up Sister Tour after taking some time to contemplate our amazing work. Nina (pictured left) has been been working as a freelance local tour guide in Tanjung Puting National Park since 2012. Rini (pictured right) was a teller in a local bank back then. Rini changed her career in June 2014 and has fallen in love with her new job since then.

Both of us still work as freelance tour guides. If we don’t have a confirmed booking from you, then we will take other bookings from local tour operators. It’s very practical because we need to earn a living. However, we set up Sister Tour not only for our money tree. We’re inspired by the idea of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet how to put this brilliant idea into action. If you have any knowledge in this area, we would appreciate you sharing your knowledge and ideas with us. Together with you, we can drive tourism to support maintenance of this beautiful world.